Web Design

Tell us where you want to go and we'll help you get there.

Design29™ is the ideal solution for businesses that lack the time and technical resources to build and maintain their own marketing initiative and infrastructure.


Web Strategies

We do not make websites | we build businesses.


We go beyond traditional products to develop business solutions with multi-level functionality and e-marketing strategies exclusively designed to take your business to the next level. --- We design strategies to capture your customers and suit your business needs, not ours. The scope of a web product varies by business type and industry.


Web products are modular in nature so technically all begin at the basic level. The more functions and capabilities your particular business requires, the higher the level of your website. Regardless of the complexity of a particular strategy, all products, even the very basic, share the same thoughtful development. A basic on-site SEO is included with all products and it can be upgraded to a full campaign according to your business needs.


Web Applications

Stand-alone, interactive product kiosks with web integration and custom functions are available.

Domain Names / Hosting

Domain names are the ownership and responsibility of the client. Design29 will assist you in obtaining domain names for your company as well as helping you setup the technical aspects of hosting your website.

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We Have the Numbers to Prove It

With years of experience executing marketing strategies over the web, we offer solutions that will effectively and affordably help you reach, retain, and expand your market. We’re not just saying that, we have the analytical proof from local and international clients whom at minimum; have doubled their business with our Intelligent Design Initiative (IDI).


Aggressive companies are taking a closer look at what works and what fails in marketing/advertising, and with years of experience executing effective marketing strategies over the Internet, we avoid dead-ends and implement a superior marketing intelligence that will allow you to effectively and affordably reach your market.