No one has more to gain from a strong web strategy than the small business ready for the next level. This is specially true in industries where the transition is easily attainable.

Why Use a Design Architect

We do not make websites - we build online businesses.

We know first-hand how upscale enterprises operate. Design29 delivers the same proven principles and tactical formulas used by successful Fortune 500 corporations scaled down to the small business, thus providing a superior, yet affordable, more intelligent approach to marketing products and services. We called this strategy: Intelligent Design Initiative (IDI) --- IDI is the fusion of design and psychology --- using words, color, and imagery to induce a certain behavior or emotion and precipitate a specific reaction or result.

Having worked the high-fashion Madison Avenue market and the global financial arenas, where fortunes are made or missed in the blink of an eye, we have learned that a planned and extremely focused design approach is required to succeed. 

Know Your Customer

Every consumer is different, yet people share a common thread and tendencies when it comes to purchasing goods and services. By creating an accurate consumer profile of your customers, we can narrow the design field and implement strategies specially aimed at your customer’s buying habits.

Leave Nothing to Chance

From the visuals we create to the language we use; everything is strategically selected to maximize your opportunities for success.

Successful Customer Acquisition and Retention

Whether it's wholesale or retail, by understanding the purchase preferences that drive your audience's decisions, you can successfully tailor your marketing strategies to reach those most likely to purchase your product or service.

By appealing to the consumers who make up your customer base, you will attract and retain new business and improve customer-profit ratio.

Once this goal is achieved, additional targeted campaigns can be designed to reach other markets. By going after specific groups, not individuals, you will gradually, effectively and affordably expand your business as far as you want to take it.

We Have the Numbers to Prove It

With years of experience executing marketing strategies over the web, we offer solutions that will effectively and affordably help you reach, retain, and expand your market. Our analytical study provides a view of your company from a fact-based statistical perspective to truly assess the effectiveness of a campaign.

We’re not just saying that, we have the proof from local and international clients. Contact design29 for complete statistical reports and case studies showing how our IDI works in the real world.