Case Studies

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FX Bridge Technologies is a unique Forex trading software company. The company as well as their international clients were in need of a wide range of highly specialized marketing and educational products. Every conceivable design service, from visual aids and brochures to web sites and apps were developed.

Given that most Futures Commission Merchants, Brokers and Traders who use the trading platform were men; bold, alpha-male websites were exclusively developed for this rare breed of businessmen. Using smart content, imagery and graphical depictions; the expansive nature and productive potential of the trading platform was showcased to the players in their own environment and language. 

Brokers had no need to lure traders with free gifts or discounted accounts. We stayed focused on marketing the platform and pitched their analytical apps like Risk Management and Strategy Optimizer, and other specialized trading services. As it turned out, traders preferred useful software over a pen set any day. New sales records were set every year.

When presentation and marketing materials were required, lavish brochures were created, as well as full-page magazine advertisements.  An elaborate presentation app was developed to display financial transactions and profit margins to potential investors. We also developed self-serve interactive FX Options educational kiosks for traders. Giant articulated tension fabric booths, banners and displays were also designed for Trade Shows. 

When offices needed an up-lift; we were contracted to create dozens of uniquely branded 24" x 36" motivational posters. We also produced over-sized architectural flow charts for educational presentations.


National Event Entertainment started as a home business and developed into the most successful children’s entertainment corporation in Atlanta.

Fun reptiles shows for kids was a business model that could be duplicated. And by using SEO tactics to establish a strong organic presence in search engines; we were able to launch brands in New York, Washington DC, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Minneapolis without spending a dime in advertising.

While launching reptile companies in new cities, other children’s services were developed. Two science party companies, a Pony Party company and a Petting Zoo company were introduced. In all, 15 companies were launched in a very short time.

The reptile companies had a consistent client pool. Parents organizing parties and schools scheduling camps. So instead of selling reptiles, we sold birthday party packages and school programs and the strategy worked. Sites were designed for ease-of-use. Key services were strategically positioned and products and prices were clearly visible and fully explained. In fact, we developed such a delightful customer experience; that it translated into 84% of visitors booking a show without any NEE involvement required.

A powerful scheduling software was hacked to handle appointments for the 60+ types of children's entertainment services provided by the 15 companies in 10 locations. And a basic email service was set up to receive purchase orders and to serve as the customer service desk. Today, the NEE operation runs like a clock on a system, so cleverly designed, that a single associate can manage up to 2,000 sales a year.