We use a combination of mission-specific skills to create a unique marketing initiative designed to take your business to the next level.


We are the ideal solution for businesses that lack the time and technical resources to build and maintain their own marketing initiative and infrastructure. We serve as the off-site graphic arts department for many corporations.

Web Design


We go beyond traditional products to develop business solutions with superior e-marketing strategies that provide an exceptional customer experience.


We design web products to suit your customers and your business needs, not ours. The scope of a web product varies by business type and industry.

Graphic Design


We are a flexible, fully integrated medium to distribute professionally designed documents and a wide range of marketing products as well as life-size illustrations.


We serve as a design source for companies in need of high-profile brochures, newsletters, reports, marketing collateral, banners and high-impact presentations



Whether you're a global or a local business, we can practically guarantee you better results and analytical value offered by SEO services.


If your business model is one that could significantly benefit from a smart web architecture, our proven SEO strategies provide the ideal solution for you. 



With years of experience executing e-strategies, we offer solutions that will effectively and affordably help you reach, retain, and expand your market.


We have taken a closer look at what flies and what flops in marketing and advertising. We avoid those dead-ends and implement a superior marketing intelligence.

Logo Design

Branding needs instant visual appeal to gain long-term recognition, possible only by smart, iconic elements and distinctive design.

We develop and implement branding strategies for products & services, through market/consumer trends to strategically position your brand in the marketplace. 

Not Your Average Agency

We do not make web pages, we build businesses.

Why Clients Keep Us for Years


From property management and kid's entertainment to Madison Avenue and Wall Street, we've done it all.


We have been in the marketing business for over 25 years helping every imaginable industry get ahead.


Regardless of the complexity of a product, even the very basic, shares the same high-quality development.


Design29™ is the marketing design segment of Planet Art, a Georgia corporation led by founder and director, Art Casado.


We work with dozens of International clients with offices all over the world since 2002.


We are a network of creative professionals with mission-specific expertise. Together we provide a new design initiative.