Art Casado

Art is an accomplished composer/musician and first, a member of the Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) and later, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). For years, Art performed, recorded, and/or toured with some of the finest musicians in the world. Recorded music for Kama Sutra, Elektra, ABC/Dunhill, TK Records, and chosen as the first band ever to be signed to Rolling Stones Records. Enjoyed sponsorship by top musical instrument manufacturers like, Ludwig, Zildjan, and Simmons.

Appeared in a dozen trade publications, including the pinup centerfold for After Dark, a San Francisco magazine after returning from a three-month tour of Europe as the opening act for the Rolling Stones. Art still writes and plays music in his home studio and with close friends in South Florida.

Art has also been around the publishing environment since childhood. His father was a syndicated journalist and his uncle a cartoonist for Mad Magazine.

At the age of 15, Art began to draw cartoons in local periodicals. As his artwork matured, he began to attract the attention of publicists and agencies, ultimately rendering illustrations for school books and many other publications.

Growing up in New York City, Art worked closely for many years with his uncle and mentor, the late Antonio Prohias, on every aspect of drawing; from the sting of political cartoons to the cleverness of Spy vs Spy. His life-time exposure to the art of Mad Magazine's illustrators and the masterful guidance of Prohias gave Art a priceless and unique insight to the publishing world.

In Chicago, at the age of 22, Art took time from his music to help develop a successful US National Parks billboard campaign and an Art Deco poster for the Wisconsin Hollering Contest. He also spent time collaborating with Playboy photographer, Paul Gremmler, on magazine covers and other pictorials.

As a volunteer for a program to clean up graffiti in Chicago, Art used local teens to produced inspirational building-size murals. Art also helped elementary school students raise funds and art awareness by helping the children create modern art paintings and selling them at local libraries.

While living in South Florida and touring with musical artists, Art turned to multimedia and began composing scores for radio commercials, drawing story boards for videos and publishing elaborate marketing packages for the entertainment industry. Art also helped the American Veterans Administration by gathering celebrity friends and performing fund-raising concerts on Memorial day and during spring breaks in Fort Lauderdale Beach.

This period led to Ray Dream computer 3D modeling and developing digital kiosks for commercial and educational markets. Since the 1996 Olympiad, Art has been contracted by IBM Learning Services (LS) and Application Management Services (AMS) as a instructional designer and a consultant/developer for IBM Learning Services Classroom Authoring Systems (LSCAS).

Studied commercial art and design at private schools and the New York Institute of Commercial Arts, but my dad claims he's been more fortunate to have received priceless opportunities and relentless support from our loving family, devoted friends, courageous artists and talented musicians whose names we would not recognize.


My loving son Randy, a Civil Engineer and Project Manager with the California DOT (CALTRANS), was killed on his motorcycle on September 21, 2004; when a teacher, late for work, ran a red light in San Diego.

Art Casado