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Design29™ clients are typically businesses that lack the time and technical resources to build and maintain their own web marketing infrastructure.

If your business can significantly benefit from a smart web architecture and exposure, our web design initiative, combined with our SEO analytical and marketing services provide the ideal solution for your business.


Web Design

We go beyond traditional web products to develop business solutions with multi-level functionality and e-marketing strategies exclusively designed to take your business to the next level.

We design web products to suit your budget and business needs, not ours. The scope of a web product varies by business type, industry and current market-share.

Web products are modular in nature so technically all begin at the basic level. The more functions and capabilities your particular business requires, the higher the level of your website. Regardless of the complexity of a particular product, all levels, even the very basic, share the same high-quality development.

An initial on-site SEO campaign is included with all levels. This basic SEO can be upgraded according to your personal needs.


The basic level is the start of the progression and suitable for small service providers, like: hair salons, dental offices, medical clinics, CPAs, small law firms, and such. Companies without special needs, just a smart web presence and standard business functions.

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As more features are added, you move into the advanced level, appropriate for small to medium size businesses with more products to display or more services to detail like: painting contractors, landscaping firms, small manufacturers, small retailers, or businesses in the food industry to name a few.

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The premium level is made for small, medium and large business committed to leveraging the power of the Web.

Businesses requiring special branding of products & services, or custom functions, more capabilities and features, and/or an aggressive marketing strategy. See our Web Design page for more details and web samples.

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Stand-alone, interactive product kiosks with web integration and custom functions and e-Commerce products with PayPal™-compliant shopping carts. Call for details.

Domain names & hosting

Domain names are the ownership and responsibility of the client. Design29 will assist you in obtaining domain names for your company as well as setting up and managing the technical aspects of hosting your website at no extra cost to you.

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Whether you're a global or a local business, we can practically guarantee you the same results and analytical value offered by search engine optimization services at a fraction of the cost.

An initial on-site SEO campaign is offered with all web products and it can be upgraded to any degree your business needs.

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Graphic Design

We are a flexible, fully integrated medium to distribute professionally designed products and electronic media.


Stationery | Envelopes | Business cards | Postcards | Original Office/Company Posters | Trade Show Displays | Banners


Brochures | Newsletters | Reports | Presentations | Advertisement

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Design29 offers the fusion of form and function. An intelligent marketing initiative designed to captivate your audience.

Small businesses leverage our design advantage and the web for up to 95% of their business.


Let us capture your customer's attention and retention with a smart branding design concept. We translate ideas into innovative branding tactics.

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Press Releases | Advertisement | Google Analytics | Social Media | Merchandising | New Business Development |


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Please contact us for a full disclosure of services and prices, including case studies and analytical data