Aggressive companies are taking a closer look at what works and what fails in marketing/advertising, and with years of experience executing effective marketing strategies over the Internet, we avoid dead-ends and implement a superior marketing intelligence that will allow you to effectively and affordably reach your market.

Successful Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategies

Targeted marketing is a critical component of your marketing success. Attracting and retaining profitable customers and turning potential customers into actual customers is a huge challenge – especially when you consider the multitude of consumer data available. Whether it's business-to-business marketing or business-to-consumer marketing, you need to know your customers. By understanding the demographic characteristics, lifestyle behaviors and purchase preferences that drive your audience's decisions, you can successfully tailor your marketing strategies to reach those most likely to purchase your product or service, increase your customer loyalty and improve customer profitability.

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Design29™ is the ideal solution for businesses that lack the time and technical resources to build and maintain their own marketing initiative and infrastructure.


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